Sometimes, I feel I am like a lined notebook, not like any you have seen, with hand drawn lines, some straight as an inch ruler, others utterly disorderly, boisterously disobedient in their meandering through the pages, up, down they go, travelling any which way. Maybe that is why I am training for design, to chase even the most oblique ideas - bend the rules.
Twenty-one and just graduated from a BA Design Communication course at a design school that breaks the boundaries, consistently, unfailingly, it is easy to do that. Learn to bend the rules, that is; am encouraged to do so, as a matter of fact, at LASALLE, College of the Arts in Singapore.
As I am by the various influences that drive me - Irma Boom, Alexander McQueen, The Metropolitan, Andy Warhol, The Beatles, The New Yorker, Bansky, Typography, Music, Art, Fashion, Books, Psychology, Pop Culture, whatever is relevant to people today (even what isn’t relevant!). Difficult to inventorize, really, but these are some of the things that define me. Shape me. Push me.
They also conflict me, pull me in different directions. Like Ms Boom — who educates me in how form is more effective and relevant than ever (“Information is edited and put in a specific sequence, printed and bound,” she has said. “The result is the freezing of time and information, which is a means of reflection.”) — and motion graphics — that consume me, at this point, and which I stumbled upon on Instagram some years ago with TIME Magazine’s amazing cover videos, the movement of objects that would otherwise be static fascinates me. 
So, two ends of the spectrum: the physicality of design, and what it can do to thoughts and words in an enduring space, and a digital form something that is also, even if far more ephemeral, remarkable in its appeal and reach (am I headed that way? maybe). And each pulls at me. Right now, though, I just want to try anything and learn everything. 
I was 16 when I began to figure, thanks to McQueen, that ‘anything is possible’, that there are no boundaries; that design can be approached in more ways than one; should be approached with openness in your heart and mind. That is my credo. And my objective.

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