This is a project that I did in the second semester of college. We were assigned an article and we had to identify a problem in that and use either Bleach, Detergent or Softener to troubleshoot the problem. The problem that I identified was the banning of Shishas in Singapore. After this, we had to draw three illustrations with different sets of brand names and punch lines. After finalising a design, we had to screen print it and translate our screen print as a label onto the bottle. We were also asked to create a back label to complete the packaging of the product. The final task was to create a Brochure cum Poster that informed and advertised our product. In this assigment we were supposed to use humour, irony, satire and spoofing to reiterate the branding of our product and to represent the country assigned to us at the same time.   
Illustration 1
Illustration 2

Illustration 3
Front of Bleach Bottle​​​​​​​
Back of Bleach Bottle
Poster Side A
Poster Side B
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